D.W Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries Open Toronto Offices

Michael Raine
August 18, 2021

D.W. Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries, designers of  high-performance vacuum tube professional audio gear, have announced the opening of their first Canadian offices, headed up by tech industry veteran Scott Taylor (pictured).

Located in the heart of metro Toronto, the D.W. Fearn/Hazelrigg Industries Canada offices will address the growing demand in Canada’s pro audio community for the company’s high-end, high performance audio products, making the entire line of D.W. Fearn and Hazelrigg Industries tube compressors, preamps, EQ, and direct boxes available to recording facilities, producers, and artists across the country. The Toronto office will be home base for coordinating product demos, end user and artist relations, and providing product information, service, and support.

Taylor, whose career includes more than three decades in upper management with Silicon Valley marketing teams at Creative Labs, 3dfx, Rendition, and Pinnacle Systems/Avid, has forged relationships with many of Toronto’s top studios and producers and brings a unique understanding of the industry to the company.

“While I’m proud of my accomplishments in Silicon Valley, I’ve always admired D.W. Fearn for their unrelenting dedication to quality,” Taylor remarks. “Doug Fearn has a long and stellar reputation as a perfectionist, and will not release a product that’s anything less than phenomenal. George and Geoff Hazelrigg have followed Doug’s ethos precisely, and the entire line of D.W. Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries products are simply the best there is. I’m more than proud to help introduce the Canadian pro audio industry to some of the finest sounding recording and live sound gear there is.”

“There’s always been an incredible music scene in Canada, with some truly talented producers and great facilities, and the quality of recordings coming from north of the border is simply stunning,” adds Doug Fearn. “We’ve heard from so many of the country’s most talented producers and audio professionals asking how they can get their hands on our gear, and we’re thrilled to have Scott in place to help make it possible.”

Scott Taylor and the D.W. Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries offices can be reached at scott.taylor@hazelriggindustries.com or by phone at 567-393-3276.

For more information, visit www.dwfearn.com.

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Michael Raine

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