D'Addario Acquires National Picks

October 6, 2021

D’Addario has announced its acquisition of National Picks, makers of widely-used metal finger-picks.

Available now, the finger and thumb pick company will be branded as D’Addario National Picks. Unchanged since their introduction in 1930, National Picks are made in the United States from various alloys "to create a vintage-American sound."

In 1930, the United States Government issued a patent for National Picks that proudly etched on the original models.Each pick’s face also has the National logo and the U.S.A. make and model number etched for easy identification. All picks will continue to be manufactured in the U.S.A.  National Picks provide a smooth, comfortable, and fully adjustable fit, as well as a brilliant, finger-picking sound on an acoustic guitar or a plucky bite on a banjo.  The D’Addario National Pick offering will include finger picks in Stainless Steel, Brass, and Nickel (to be released in2022). In addition to the finger picks, D’Addario will be offering the National Celluloid thumb picks available in white, black, and tortoiseshell in both large and medium sizes.

National Picks are available in 4-packs,12-pick bulk packs, and 6-pack finger and thumb pick bundles with prices starting at $8.99 MAP.

 To learn more, go to http://ddar.io/NationalPicks.PR.

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