Fret-King Launches New Website to Coincide with 2023 Guitar & Bass Collection

Michael Raine
October 6, 2022

To coincide with its new 2023 collection of electric guitars and basses, Fret-King has launched its redesigned website at

With 360-degree spins; hi-res images; in-depth tonewood, hardware, and pickup information; and individual video demonstrations by Fret-King Signature Artist Paul Rose, the new Fret-King website is designed to provide a clean appearance and clear navigation while offering a new experience for selecting a guitar online. The videos themselves offer a clear, in depth sonic insight to 14 new custom unique pickups designed for Fret-King by Trev Wilkinson.

New models within the Fret-King 2023 Collection include the Corona Series Classic and Custom, the Country Squire Series Classic, Modern Classic, Semitone De Luxe, Tone Meister, Music Row and Stealth, along with the Eclat Series Standard and Custom, the Elise Series Custom hard tail and vintage vibrato models, and Perception Custom four- and five-string basses.

For more information, go to

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Michael Raine

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