Gibson Garage Announces Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Garage Fest takes place Wednesday, June 7 until Saturday, June 10 at the Gibson Garage in Nashville and features live music and events with Dave Mustaine, Charlie Worsham, Emily Wolfe, Ashley Cooke, Kapali Long, Mya Byrne, Devon Thompson, Dawson (Temecula Road), Vincent Mason, Dani Rose, Cassandra Lewis, Mackenzie Porter, Whitney Miller, Adeem the Artist, and more.

Manus Hopkins
June 2, 2023

Gibson will launch Garage Fest Wednesday, June 7 – Saturday, June 10 at the Gibson Garage (209 10th Ave. South #209) in downtown Nashville, TN. Falling on the two-year anniversary of the opening of the Gibson Garage--Nashville’s must-see destination for music lovers--Gibson Garage Fest will kick off with live performances and events with music superstars and emerging acts during CMA Week. Gibson Garage Fest is open to the public and will feature intimate, live music performances, and events, daily at the Gibson Garage.  Fans can attend live shows, autograph signings, participate in guitar-playing lessons with renowned experts, and interact with the iconic brand Gibson--as well as its philanthropic arm Gibson Gives.


2:00-4:00 pm: Dave Mustaine autograph signing event.


2:00 pm: Live music performances all day and night

Kick-off with music from the Gibson Garage team: Jenna Weidner, 

Dylan Jenkins, Shane Hunt, Scott Wasnak, John Wohlford, and Matt 


3:00 pm: Dani Rose (Honey County)

4:00 pm: Vincent Mason

5:00 pm: Dawson Anderson (Temecula Road)

7:00 pm: Garage Private Party (media RSVP required) 

7:15 pm: Devon Thompson

8:00 pm: Emily Wolfe

9:00 pm: VIP supergroup




2:00  Live music performances all day 

2:00 pm: Notes4Notes Kids Jam

3:00 pm: Whitney Miller

4:00 pm: Mackenzie Porter

5:00 pm: Adeem the Artist




10:00 am: Live music performances and events all day

10:00 am: Donuts and Jam with Charlie Worsham

Charlie Worsham acoustic performance, meet & greet/photos, 

donuts, and coffee served. 

11:30 am: Gibson Gives Foundation + FreeGuitars4Kids event (parking lot)

Gibson Gives and Gibson artists will be onsite gifting 200 guitars to 

FG4K youth members.

2:00 pm: Kapali Long 

3:00 pm: Cassandra Lewis  

4:00 pm: Mya Byrne  

5:00 pm: Ashley Cooke

Gibson Garage Fest kicks off Wednesday, June 7 with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth will be coming by the Gibson Garage for a special in-store autograph signing event.

Thursday, June 8 will feature live performances all day and night, kicking off at 2:00pm with music from the Gibson Garage team Jenna Weidner, Dylan Jenkins, Shane Hunt, Scott Wasnak, John Wohlford, and Matt Boyer. Next, live music will continue with performances from Dani Rose (Honey County), Vincent Mason, Dawson Anderson (Temecula Road), and culminating with a Gibson Garage afterparty with performances from Devon Thompson, Emily Wolfe, and a VIP supergroup.

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Manus Hopkins

Manus Hopkins is the Assistant Editor of Canadian Music Trade