Hal Leonard Now Distributing Vidami's Video Looper Pedals in U.S. & Canada

Michael Raine
August 18, 2021

The Vidami, a hands-free video looper that integrates with online video platforms, has named Hal Leonard its North American distributor for the U.S. and Canada. The agreement is effective immediately.

The strategic partnership comes as Vidami continues to increase its foothold in the industry with its looper pedal, which is designed to help musicians learn quicker by keeping their hands on the instrument and off the mouse.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Hal Leonard,” says Amy Hayashi-Jones, co-founder and CEO of Vidami. “Hal Leonard is one of the largest and most respected distributors in the industry, and we’re humbled and honored for Vidami to be added to the prestigious list of Hal Leonard distributed educational products.  We are witnessing a revolution in music education and are confident that this partnership will bring the Vidami looper to the millions of students in need of a more inspiring and rewarding online learning experience.”

“Hal Leonard loves tools that accelerate the pace in ways people can learn to play an instrument. We all benefit. The Vidami hands-free video controller is just that,” adds Brad Smith (pictured above), Hal Leonard VP of MI Products. “Aside from the vast offerings on YouTube, so many teachers had to have online options during lockdown. That made learning via video even more popular. That new aspect of teaching is here to stay as an enhancement. We’re excited to see how this 'plug-n-play' device is sold (or rented) and gets incorporated into many learning programs.”

Additional Online Educational Platforms AddedIn addition to the new distribution news, Vidami has announced that it has expanded its compatibility with online educational platforms to include: Active Melody, Artist Works, BreakDownWay, Guitar Mastery Method, Jamplay, Lick Library, Rick Beato Quick Lessons Pro and RootsSounds.jp. These new additions accompany the following platforms that are currently compatible with the Vidami: YouTube, Vimeo, Coursera, Fender Play, Guitar Lessons 365 Academy, Guitar Tricks, GuitarZero2Hero, GuitarZoom, Justin Guitar, LinkedIn Learning, Marty Music, Master Class, Music is Win, Muzie.Live, Tim Pierce Guitar, TrueFire and Udemy.

“With the addition of these eight platforms, we’re excited to open up the world of music making to an even wider range of musicians who are being inspired by their favorite online artists and instructors,” Hayashi-Jones says. “As Vidami continues to grow, we will add more and more platforms to help students and teachers save time and stay inspired.”

For more information, contact Hal Leonard: 414-774-3630, sales@halleonard.com, www.halleonard.com.

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Michael Raine

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