XCHANGE HD Worldwide Launch, Allowing Vendors Instant Access to Global Hardware Distribution

XCHANGE HD expands the XCHANGE Market Platform to provide next-gen distribution of music hardware to any part of the world.

Manus Hopkins
August 11, 2023

Since 2009, XCHANGE has built a network of hundreds of vendors selling thousands of software products to hundreds of Resellers in 70+ countries. With XCHANGE HD, XCHANGE Vendors can now sell physical items alongside their software titles, and new Vendors who sell hardware exclusively, can benefit from the XCHANGE global network of resellers. The company's resellers, many of whom have integrated their stores with XCHANGE, can now buy hardware products the same easy way they buy software.

XCHANGE HD is centered around a carefully curated network of Logistics Centers that have joined the platform. Logistics Centers provide receiving, storage, fulfilment, and other services to connected Vendors on demand. Our Logistics Centers are strategically located around the world in major trading hubs and important markets like Miami, Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, Luton, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York.

The system is now live and available globally for use. XCHANGE HD represents a significant innovation in global distribution. It provides Vendors with improved margins, complete sales visibility, global sales management, professional logistics and consolidated freight. 

To learn more, visit xchangemarket.com.

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Manus Hopkins

Manus Hopkins is the Assistant Editor of Canadian Music Trade