Current Issue: August-September 2022

Special Feature

Drum Sales Done Right

Drummers, of course, are a unique breed, which is only fitting given the unique nature of their instrument. So, we wanted to speak to people with distinctive perspectives on the customer/retailer dynamic as it relates specifically to drum sales. We also got an updated read on the drum market and how it’s shifting. As such, we spoke to a couple store owners from two of Canada’s top drum shops, as well as a drum educator and a drum products distributor.

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It’s Arriving When??? And Going to Cost How Much?!

If you’ve paid attention to the news in recent months, the competing crises of inflation, product shortages, and supply chain issues have dominated the discussion and affected every product category. There is no single reason for it — it spans from factory fires in Japan to drought in Brazil to lockdowns in China and rising consumer demand in America. No industry has been spared, and the issues are so all-pervasive, it seemed about time that we ask around and find out what specifically is ailing the MI and pro audio products industries.

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